Sunbeam baking?

I wandered out into the kitchen where Bevin is doing all kinds of crazy things, and discovered this:

Our sourdough, Doughy, (pronounced Doug-ee) appears to have become a cat and is sleeping in a sunbeam. I haven’t seen it do that before. 😂

4 Replies to “Sunbeam baking?”

  1. I’m worried if it takes too much of a cat-like attitude it’ll start sleeping on my computer keyboard! Sounds sticky.

  2. Is a metal pan ok for sourdough? Thought crockery was the recommended carrying device. Just curious

  3. I’m told it’s currently doing “bulk ferment”, which Bev doesn’t THINK is a problem. It definitely goes into enameled cast iron later when it actually gets cooked.
    Now Bev’s curious, we’ll see what we can find out.