Bahamas ahoy

Spent yesterday transiting from St. Thomas to the Bahamas and Royal Caribbean private island Coco Cay.

Sailing away from St. Thomas
Goodbye St. Thomas!
Didn’t take Bevin long to find her soft serve
We went to the ice show. Not AS impressive as the water show, but they had drones!
A very pretty night at sea
Playing with the astrophotography setting on my phone.
Further “night sight”. Probably would be better if it weren’t hand-held.
Walking through the ship to get to the front and watch the docking.
Coco Cay ahoy!
We seem to be approaching rather fast there captain…
Spin the ship, reverse thrust!

It’s actually really impressive how precise this GIANT ship can control itself. Watching them parallel park is a thing of beauty. Not a tugboat in sight.

Waiting to disembark, ugly little rain clouds in the neighborhood.
Waiting to get off still.

They should let us off the ship any time now!