The End of (cruise) Days

We finally got let off the ship! We think they held us onboard until there was no lightning risk.

Walking across ship on our way to disembark onto a private island!
Julian got us a cabana!
View from the cabana.
Bevin found the hammock right away!

It was nice because the passing storm had created cloud cover so we got a couple hours of not getting totally blasted by the sun.

She graduated to a floaty.

There are fish in the lagoon, of several varieties. Also baby crabs. And we saw a jellyfish, as well as a rather large stingray!

Once she found out you could peer at the fishes she took to the deep water.

We actually ended up floating out past the lifeguard on the far side of the floating cabanas. No pictures exist, because water, but there are some artificial reefs they’ve made out of concrete blocks. Bunches of fish!

Lounging in the shade. The sun is mighty and terrifying.
It’s a long walk to the boat, but it doesn’t LOOK like it because the boat is so big!
We didn’t do the water park. Two of the slides are vertical drop, you stand in the tube and the floor drops out. I wanted to try… 😂
The water from the pier. There are fishes!

It was really fun to see actual tropical fish in actual tropical water.

The color of the water is just amazing. Phone doesn’t do it justice.
Beautiful clear calm ocean. Thanks Bahamas!
Mesmerized by the dual ripple wakes we leave.
Bevin appears slightly toasted. Floating with the fishes for so long!

We went back to the steakhouse on board because it was so good the first time. All the food we had was amazing, and the staff are fantastic.

A more sensible slab of meat tonight.
According to the statistics we have sailed more than 1/10th of the distance around the equator.
Waiting in the room for our call to disembark.
Cruise ports aren’t always in the nicest neighborhoods.
Miami Skyline is impressive though.
Bev is ready to travel.

And now we’re at the airport. Due to flight changes and such all of us had our flights moved back from our original times, so now we have about 6 hours at the airport. Wheee?

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  1. Terrific pictures! We’re ready to book our next cruise, lol.

    P.S. Yours truly needs those lamb chops!! (And that stateroom. Oh, and that cabana on the beach. And that floating thing for fish-watching.)

    P.P.S. (We can skip the vertical drop slide, ha ha.)

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