Judgement Day

So of all the things about cruising we expected to blog about, urinals was NOT one of them.


The hamster judges you.

The hamster judges you.

So, it turns out this is a bit of a theme. This lead to one of the strangest scavenger hunts ever…

That dog has the look of someone about to cause trouble.
That’s just hurtful.
One fears getting pecked.

Turns out it’s not just animals either…

It was nice to find one wasn’t overtly hurtful..

The only one that seemed positive… Until you read the background.

We actually actively avoided this one… Especially since everyone who used in failed to see the black blob as a dog on first look…

It’s.. Just awkward?

At the airport we found an entirely different sort of animals/bathrooms relationship.

The poor dog looks… Troubled.

So there’s your tour of the urinals of Symphony of the Sea. Betcha didn’t see that coming.

Let’s end this on a happier note. Towel animals!

When they started appearing in the garden area we were quite pleased.
This one took us a little puzzling about before we figured it out.
They slowly began taking over the stairs.
The full menagerie.

Still hanging out in the airport awaiting our flights, which are tragically late in the day due to cancelations several months ago as airlines re-planned their routes…

Bevin and Julian and already plotting their next cruise…

5 Replies to “Judgement Day”

  1. OK, I think my last comment didn’t get posted. So here it is again:

    Re: the towel animals, I love the frog and the Westie!

    And after the cruise you were just on, who wouldn’t be planning their next one?? 🙂

  2. I’m curious which one you’re seeing as a Westie, I don’t think any of us got that!

    I think the Elephant is my favorite. I’m really not sure at ALL how they got the trunk to stay in place.

  3. Lol. I thought the one to the left of the snail was a Westie, but Is it a pig?