A series of huts

It really is…

It’s huts all the way down.
TSA hut.

We’re waiting for about 40 minutes because the Alaska desk isn’t open until 7ish. “closer to when the plane arrives”. That’s new.

At least it’s not raining.
The agricultural inspection station may have some questions…
Terminal has excellent gardening through…
We have arrived at our gate, such as it is. A tad warm, but there’s a breeze.
At least a portion of the breeze is on account of the jet engines idling just over there.
We wait. Only a few more hours. Notably, there are no power outlets anywhere around here… This could be troublesome.
This is the gate.

Baggage has to go through FDA screening before boarding, and apparently our carryons will have to as well.

This is done to ensure nobody is smuggling fruit. They want to keep the bent fruits for themselves.