The King’s Road

We packed up our stuff this morning, and are killing time wandering Kona and surrounding area.

Bevin considers the sea…
Hei Hei is ready to go, he’s been far too close to the sea.
Still ❤️ Banyan
Just can’t get enough.

We went on a tour of the summer house of the Hawaiian royalty that was built when they started trying to emulate the outside world…

The summer palace. Credit: Emily
The king was said to be over 7 feet tall, and spears were 3 times the height of the user. The long one is his spear.
His exercise ball. 180 lbs.

Stopped at a small national park that has a short trail out to “the King’s road”, a straight road the first king built across the island. In case you can’t tell, that road goes straight through this lava field, all the way to the horizon. It’s really quite a thing to see, it’s amazing to imagine how much work it must’ve been to construct. Something I’d like to read more about.

I certainly wouldn’t build a road across it…
The Road
Up close and personal with the lava rock field
Cool lava rock

Gonna get some dinner, head to the airport, and engage in single combat with Alaska airlines. Should be fun.