Jurassic Hike

Yesterday, our last full day on the island, we drove around the north side to see the sights, go to a waterfall hike, and visit the other big town of Hilo.t

The hike was fantastic. Very jungly. I’m not going to post the full set of pictures because there are just too many, I’ll upload them later in a better way.

Josh ❤️ Banyan
Unknown plant. Maybe Ginger?
Some of the plants are just HUGE
Akaka Falls. Not quite all 442 feet of it is visible. There’s a fish that goes up it. (suction cups are used)
Very tenacious mosses around here.
Some truly impressive ferns, and Pothos that make my inner houseplant gardner cry.
The only sound better than crashing waves on rock is jungle waterfall. As long as it includes the smell.
This is the place Disney Imagineers go to say “holy shit, if only we could do that”

After the hike we went into Hilo, walked around, checked out the farmer’s market, and completely undid Matt with lunch.

The drive down the mountain takes you across some beautiful valleys where the road is right up in the canopy.
Really interesting biome on the way back up the volcano. Sort of a scrub-brush rainforest?
More blasted lava wasteland in the saddle between the mountains. About 7000 feet up.
A sign I saw in Hilo that I really liked.

Got home and scrounge up some food and watched the sunset. We went down into the queen’s bath, I’ll have pictures of that later when I get them from Matt, I didn’t dare take my phone near water in case I had to dive in to save Bevin.

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  1. Tenacious Moss wishes he could escape to there and be with friends. Stress is an unraveling.