We’re having a good time…

We don’t have a ton of pictures of yesterday, due to doing either fairly uninteresting (to you, dear reader.) things, or because we had no electronics with us.

We started out with some swimming in the bay by our hotel right after sunrises.

We visited a few more cemeteries and drove around through some neighborhoods looking for old places Dave remembered.

Guam Veterans Memorial, where Dave’s uncle Antonio was buried. Unfortunately we have no info about where, and their organizational system is a bit opaque…
We think this might be one of Dave’s grandmothers, Maria Mendiola Mendiola. Records are now great of exactly when she died, but an best we can tell the dates here are ballpark correct.

For lunch we went to a burger place that has a bugger served between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

Bevin found that too extravagant, and instead got the burger between two pieces of French toast.

What’s a French toast burger without some syrup?
So far every straw we’ve encountered an the island is a bendy straw. Bevin is somewhat perplexed by this.

We did a little shopping in the afternoon, and Caren bought a snorkel. One of the snorkels at the gift store had some very clear and concise helpful informational infographics:

It is very important not to snorkel in the wrong manner.

We went out into the bay again right about sunset. Caren at I both fear our mortal enemy The Sun, so swimming at sunrise at sunset is pleasant. And the water at sunset was LOVELY. Nice and warm. Sorry for lack of picture of Bev floating around chastising the fishes for not coming over to where she could see them, you’ll just have to imagine.

Earlier in the afternoon much effort had been put into deciding where to go to dinner.

Decisions decisions…

In the end we went to a place I’d found online before the trip that had a dish Dave remembers called Bistek.

Their version of Bistek was more vinegar based than the one the family makes at home, and Caren was somewhat surprised by it. 
The most structured and consistently textured bread pudding any of us have ever encountered.

After we got back Bev and I walked down the beach a ways to get away from the hotel lights. Tons of little fish right by the water’s edge jumping at darting around, and plenty of stars visible. You can’t hear the waves because the reef is so far out, but in the dark you can see them occasionally.

Bevin, chasing the fishes in the dark.
Looking back at the hotels. (ours in the one right above the two people walking)