Sunday morning coffee

We were in the neighborhood, Bevin had to come back…

Doing another visit to some cemeteries this morning, and stopping to get some coffee at the fanciest coffee place around. Because Bevin.i

It turns out this building is an old bank. Their kitchen is in the vault. Still a pretty neat spot!

The mostly blank one 2nd from the top is Dave’s maternal grandfather Jesus Pangelinan Mendiola

Back at the hotel waiting for breakfast earlier I had a sudden snap of irreality on account of the Christmas tree. I just do not feel like it’s December, and sometimes it just feels really out of place to notice the Christmas stuff…

So we found a more Islas-themed place to hang out.

Anyway, we’re at the coffee shop waiting for our order. Afternoon plan is to drive through Agana and Barrigada looking for places Dave remembers, and go pick up a souvenir or two at a place we saw. Maybe some snorkeling or a nap after that. Rest of the afternoon and one more day to go!

Creatures of Habit. Chose the same spot to sit in this giant 3-story coffee shop as last time!
At least 1 of these contains actual coffee…
Genetics prevent Bevin from NOT buying something that contains mango.