My poor tired brain…

From across the room these symbols looked like tiny Stormtrooper helmets. (you know, from Star Wars?) My brain spent a full 15 seconds trying to process that.

Clearly I need a nap.

Once more unto the sky dear friends, once more. Boarding group C coming up next!

Hashtag Hobos?

We are technically homeless. All we own is here:All else is in the clutches of either Alaska airlines, or one of several possible moving companies. A bit of an odd feeling actually. I don’t have keys to any house or apartment, and everything is in these bags. It’s actually sort of liberating in a weird way. Not that I’m not hoping that everything goes smoothly and all our stuff arrives safely. 😂The move yesterday went well.Our moving crew was great, they packed up all our stuff with great care, even though it turned out to be more stuff than they were told to expect, and their company gives them some really shitty equipment to work with. (seriously, I went to safeway and bought packing tape that actually worked.) Real troopers though. We filled a whole truck. Whaaat?Also, the car got picked up Tuesday. Byeeee filbert!So, here we are, 4.5 hours of sleep later, ready to get on our plane.No nap for me though, can’t afford to risk missing this flight. Coffee time! Will report in several time zones from now.

Less annoying than usual.

Apparently one of their security lines here at the E gates at DFW is still a metal detector. Their x-ray machine is more irritating than usual, so since I wasn’t going to get to have any fun with getting patted down I tried to irritate the lady managing the x-ray line.

She clearly already hated her job, everyone around her, and life in general, so there was really no further work to be done in trying to discourage her from coming to work. Boring.

I always feel pretty good in the airport when I realize how little we’re actually carrying. It feels like a lot when tossing it into the rental car, but when you see how much everyone at the airport has one feels quite tidy by comparison!

4:30 am in the airport rental car garage, with a good stiff breeze blowing, and Bev says “ah, the first hint of chilly all trip”. For reference I thought it was pleasantly warm, edging on warm enough that I wouldn’t want to do too much work outdoors.

It’s gonna be a hot summer down here. But for now, off to Seattle! I’ll miss our little 2019 Jetta rental car.

Obligatory airplane picture, again!

It’s basically the same as last week’s picture, except we’re one row further back, and Bev’s wearing a different shirt.

To be fair, I didn’t check the tail number, might be a different plane. But this flight just goes back and forth, so maybe not.

Going to be another whirlwind week of adventure! For now though, either audio book and game on tablet, or listening to music and reading, how to decide?

(Bev says I should’ve brought my knitting project so I wasn’t faced with such decisions. Like I need more stuff to carry.)

On the plane and headed back home.


Good thing we checked in exactly on the 24 Hour early mark, 5 unlucky customers are getting booted to another flight as ASA 655 here is “oversold”. (weasel words if there ever were any!)

Homeward we go, a week back in PDX, then a week here, then two weeks back home, and then this becomes home!

To advertise or not to advertise…

What a silly question! Of COURSE advertise!

There is nowhere to sit in Houston that doesn’t have a flashing screen in front of you, and the chair bolted to the floor at a distance from the table designed to be uniformly uncomfortable for everyone.

Fortunately we weren’t there long. Off to Orlando!