Pushups for 2009-03-09 (100)

Sets: (120 second breaks)

  • 12
  • 13
  • 10
  • 10
  • 15

For a total of 60 pushups in 10 minutes. Once again, ended feeling like I could do another set or two. So I did. (Last time I did this I hurt myself quite badly, so I’m trying to be careful this time, but I really feel like I could do more!)

  • 10 (60 seconds later)
  • 10 (90 seconds later)
  • 10 (120 seconds later)
  • 10 (120 seconds later)

Bringing the GRAND TOTAL? to: 100 pushups in 15.5 minutes! Officially the most pushups I’ve ever done “in a row”. My arms hurt now, rather a lot. I really hope my chest doesn’t cave in and keep my heart from beating like it did last time I pushed too hard. :-/ (I? exaggerate? slightly, but it *did* keep me home for 3 days because I really? couldn’t breathe and it hurt a lot.)

Okay, between my nice newly cleaner workspace/desk and doing all these pushups I’m feeling pretty good about myself today!

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