Predators discovered stalking the area…

Let’s not bury the lede here.

Saturday at 12:34:

2 hours and 26 minutes later:

So, yeah. Expect a lot of pictures of cats on the blog from now on I guess?

IN HER DEFENSE when Bevin’s friend asked her if she wanted to go to the animal shelter so the friend could look at some dogs, Bev was smart enough to check their website and saw that they didn’t have any adorable kitties who might tempt her. Turns out the website was a lie. And she’s had kitties on the mind since we considered adopting two strays found by the road last month, so the pump was kinda primed. So now I’ve been overrun by kittens. Send help.

According to the shelter they were brought in as strays together by the animal control officer, and are presumed to be litter-mates. Considering how bonded they are it seems pretty certain.

The shelter called them “Raven” and “Aslan”, but that’s not going to work for these two sisters, and since they don’t care anyway we’ll just change that. For the rest of Saturday, and most of Sunday, all-gray was referred to as “One”, and white-paws was “Two”. However we’ve settled on names!


Named for the witches Esmerelda “Esme” Weatherwax, and Magrat Garlik (Her mother wanted “Margret” but couldn’t spell) from the Discworld books, these two little critters are extremely likely to practice a very Discworld form of magic known as “headology”, where they don’t so much cast magic as convince the rest of the world to bend to their will.

So far they’re living up to it.

If you’d like to be absolutely flooding by kitten pictures and videos, click “read more” and off we go!

So you’ve clicked Read More! Brave.

Unsure about leaving the box. Box is life.
One (Esme) really likes to try and bury he head when she wants to nap. Also, SO MUCH PURRING!
So sleepy, so we put them back in their room to nap. This is what we got.
It wasn’t long until it was cuddle time again though.
So… sleepy!

At this point Bevin had to leave to go to a baking party she had scheduled, so I’ve been left home alone with these two tiny monsters for the afternoon and evening! Oh dear!

This made Magrat quite jealous though.

It took a while, but after some encouragement Esme has learned that the cactus (“Catcus” according to Matt) is something fun!

I’m not sure what Esme is trying to tell me here, but she’s being very gentle at least.

The purring exists as proof that I am legally not allowed to move or disturb the kittens in any way.
Okay! Finally, asleep on their own! I’m freeeeeee!

Bevin finally got home and got to have some kitty time before bed.

And finally, this morning’s playtime:

Esme has learned how to dismount without her rear end continuing on forward and rolling her over upside down. Perfect 10!

Then they slept for hours, so I finally got a chance to get some work done and finish uploading images for this post! One last playtime before we post it though!

Magrat is finally climbing the catcus!
Esme has no problem climbing however. Which is a problem for me as I forgot to put my carhart shirt back on before I visited them.
Sometimes there is some difficulty getting down though… Also, hey, I caught you with those shoelaces, stop it!

Okay, well it’s time to post this, and we’re off to our first vet visit to get checked out!

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