Ready to fly

And we’re off! It’s kind of nice to only have a 2.5 hour flight home at least! And nobody in the row behind us, only 1 person in the row in front. Nice comfy flight.

To the skies!

Delicious final magic

Brian and Julian left earlier this morning, but we don’t catch the bus until 2pm, so we’re gorging ourselves in Disney Springs.

I’ll post more pictures of our last day in Batuu (star wars!) once we’re home (tomorrow) but for now, we’re hiking back to Saratoga Springs to catch our magical express to the airport!

More Pandora Pics

Animal kingdom is great. There is nowhere in the park that doesn’t feel great. It’s immersive and lush, there’s stuff to look at and cool plants and animals everywhere. Always a fun day.

But there’s nowhere quite like the valley of Mo’ara, on the moon Pandora.

We went back again, and I just took a bunch of pictures. Click continue reading for a view of whatever random things caught my fancy.

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Gone safari’

Safariing? Safaring? Seafaring? No, definitely not that one.

Anyway, on to the animals!

This rhino is how I felt at the time. (hot and fat)
Baobab tree. Well, net really, but a convincing enough replica. I really like these trees.
See the cow on the left about to go between the trees? The gap is as wide as the cow, but not as wide as the horns. They know how to turn their heads and stick one horn through first, then turn the other way. All to avoid going around the tree on the way to dinner. A cow after my own heart.
Wilderbeasts and Zebras.
Baby zebra!
The wild Matthew.. Er. Flamingos. Gray fluffy baby ones.
The shy rhino. Don’t frighten them, they’re almost blind.
There’s a lion back there. But I think Matt’s mane is mightier.
This is how they’re doing parades here. It’s kinda fun!

We left Africa and headed back towards Everest, the Kali River Rapids. We’ll take our chances there the yeti dances.

This deer mask haunts me every time.
This baby Ikran that’s been following us has taken a liking to Bevin as well.
Tree of life never fails to impress. The angles from right under it in the bugs life queue are quite nice.
This banshee keeps following me!

A morning in the valley of Mo’ara

It’s so empty, it’s really nice to look at the queue and feel like you’re on a hike through the valley to ride your Ikran!

Turned out blurrier than I hoped. Cool cave paintings in this room though.

Because we normally do fast pass rather than wait for 4 hours in the standby line, we haven’t actually seen parts of the queue! There are some really cool rooms in the standby line!

A still doesn’t do this justice. I’m not sure if it was real ferro fluid or a simulation, but it was really cool.
Through the cave and off to ride our banshees!
I seem to have picked up a hitchhiker.
It keeps following me. I think it wants to eat me.

Next up, an African Safari, and then an encounter with a yeti.

Survived the backside of water…

We made it off the jungle cruise, it was harrowing and “pun”-ishing, but we made it back!

So we immediately went to skippers cantina for dinner and additional puns.

Matt knew what I was doing.
The SEA lounge room. It’s behind a secret bookcase, very exclusive. Julian had to ask nicely. 😂
Corn pancakes and pulled pork. Very very tasty.

After dinner Emily needed a few more yo’s and ho’s, so we did pirates again.

Directly after this we were shelled into dampness my the shore artillery batteries.
The Red Lady animatronics is pretty great. Much pirate chatter in this scene.
I don’t know why they don’t use the Rome Burning smell here.
The castle looked nice. Freshly painted. Very blue.

After pirates we had some dole whip, and rode seven dwarves mine train again, because I’m a nerd for both pineapple and roller coasters, even cute baby ones. (and this one is pretty fun, even if it’s a baby one.)

After that Park was closing so it was time to head out. We made a stop in the Tangled bathrooms on the way, widely believed to be the best bathrooms in magic Kingdom. Their art supports this.

Poor shorty.
Matt lol’d mightily at “daily serf report”
Tangled deserves more than a bathroom. But it’s got that, and a tower. Maybe someday.
Aladdin bus home? Yes please!

After a short break back at the room, Bevin has her pins organized and we’re headed over to Disney Springs for ice cream!

20,563 steps today, 9.94 miles.

Tomorrow, animal kingdom!